Saturday, August 25, 2012

Well, isn't this awkward?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is self-loathing at its finest: Csanad Szegedi, a former leader of Hungary's anti-Jewish Jobbik Party, recently decided to share that he, himself, is, in fact, Jewish.


I imagine Szegedi's internal monologue as he thought of an excuse went a little something like this:
Well, you see, um, I guess I might have forgotten to mention that my mother was Jewish.
And, that Jewish tradition holds that I'd, too, be Jewish. And, maybe I failed to disclose that my grandparents had an Orthodox Jewish wedding.
And, that they survived the Holocaust.
But, hey, my Jobbik brethren...yeah, Adolf.
Now, one might be inclined as I was, at least initially, to laugh in Mr. Szegedi's face, to deem this the ultimate in denial, to use this to assert that the rumors Hitler was Jewish just might be true, to proclaim, "Take that, all you anti-Semitic a**holes!" However, this is actually bad news.

Szegedi's confession, a story that is both charmingly dark and chillingly hilarious, simply reinforces that we Jews are, indeed, self-loathing. It gives merit to stereotype. We're always the self-haters, the Eeyore's of the world, the we'll-lose-before-the-ref-blows-the-whistle-because-we're-just-not-that-good-at-the-game pessimists. This just supports the accuracy of every single Jews-are-self-haters joke.

Mr. Szegedi, you're a jerk! I don't want a confession that helps the other side! You couldn't have admitted to being Italian or Irish or Australian...Or Martian? No, this is what you leave me?

Thanks for nothing, d**k.

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